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Definition of the object of the site


The site offers Linux IP camera free management software, using artificial intelligence for detection. This software is multilingual, French, English, German.


Alarm system


It is a safety device intended to warn, by a sound or a GSM transmission, the triggering of an alarm.


Video surveillance benefit


Detection of the intrusion before it happens, since the camera is exploring outside strategic areas and artificial intelligence is analyzing the video stream and identifying an intruder. In future releases it will identify the individuals listed.

The alarm system detects the intrusion once done and is therefore less effective. Video surveillance can even be activated at night, with no consequences for an indoor activity.

On the other hand, video surveillance allows remote viewing on a smartphone, if it is not a nuisance tripping.


On Linux


The application will only be available in Linux, this operating system being more suitable for managing multiple video streams.



IP cameras functions

The IP camera uses a network protocol locally or over the internet to transmit video stream images or commands. The great advantage is to be able to remotely consult a video + sound stream and to solicit certain commands.



IP cameras manufacturer


Non-exhaustive list of IP camera manufacturers:

HIKVISION Chinese manufacturer, offers cameras of excellent quality at low prices.








Recordings of four different camera schemes and up to 36 different streams.

Recording of multiple streams as desired or in automatic motion detection mode. (free ip camera recording software). Viewing after selecting a date in a calendar, save videos. Allows management including deletion.

Recordings of four different camera schemes and up to 36 different streams. (ip camera capture software)

Recording multiple photos or in automatic motion detection mode.

Uses Deep Learning technology for pattern detection and recognition. Artificial intelligence allows for better discrimination and avoids unwanted triggering in that the focal length of the camera or its position does not distort the image too much. From the quality and definition of the images will depend the result of the detection. If your camera is equipped with an infrared device the detection will be effective.

Visualization with selection by date in a calendar, photos of the recorded video stream.

Send photos automatically when detected to a predefined email address.

Setting for each camera of brightness, contrast ...

Full screen for a selected video stream with return to the previous screen of a single click.

Generation of a log file to facilitate the operation.History of local and remote alarms (with 10 day photo backup) ..

LAN scan for easy installation of each stream (arp, nmap). Sound alarm. PTZ control.

(best software video surveillance camera ip)

(free ip camera visualization software)



Fixed ip address

With each connection, your ISP automatically assigns you a dynamic IP address, valid for the current connection or for a period of 24 hours. To obtain a fixed IP you must make a request to your ISP. Services are offered on the net to transform your dynamic ip fixed ip.

To connect to an IP video camera from the web it is imperative to have a fixed ip. (no-ip or dyndns.)


Security IP Camera

It is often question of security of the IP video cameras and one can see indiscreet video streams on the net.

What is it exactly?

Almost all digital intrusions are due to passwords, saved by default in camera settings, unmodified or login /

passwords too predictable.

The admin / 12345 couple is often involved. Just scan IP addresses on a given range to locate cameras and test admin / 12345 for easy access to those same cameras. What about the cameras installed in the bedroom?

UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) should be disabled, if possible, after use.



Port forwarding

To access your ip cameras from the internet network it is mandatory to create a redirection in the interface of your box, so as to indicate on which port and local ip address is your camera. This information is set in the settings of your IP cameras. You can get them in the creation or modification of a video stream, the free video management software, nManagerIPs available on the site under Linux.

Manufacturers provide software to manage the ports and ip address for each camera.



Ip camera connection

A wifi camera will connect easily, but the price is higher and the security more fragile. In all cases it must be electrically powered.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is not available on most boxes, so connecting an RJ45 cable directly to the Ethernet ports will not be enough, your cameras will not be electrically powered.

A PoE Ethernet switch will allow you to connect multiple cameras and only one cable will be enough to connect the switch to your box.












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